Runtime Quartz Hack

If you can think it, you can build it. Use Esri's ArcGIS platform APIs and Quartz Runtime SDKs and bring your world into view.

Esri is sponsoring an internal developer hackathon. Use the new Data – Design – Develop pattern to build an ArcGIS Runtime app that shows best practices and what separates our technology from our competitors.

It’s not just about building fancy desktop or mobile apps, it’s about showing how to use our platform in a simple, clear way to solve a real-world problem. It should be targeted for people that are new to the ArcGIS platform, but have some knowledge of Geo and are good developers. You want your app to sell the platform! Ultimately, we would like to use the app you create as showcase/model apps on the developers site.

Join us, think of a cool GIS idea you want to hack on, or join a team. This is a fun, low-pressure event designed for us all to have fun coding with the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs. We do not expect your apps to be fully functional in the end, but the best ideas we will look for ways to continue to develop them and show them on the Developers website and Esri Labs.


December 15-16

Team Leaderboard

1 / 125.0 pts. Overall Winner


Find your place, along the way...

Have you ever been on a long drive and needed a cup of coffee? Or maybe you want to plan a stop in a few hours and want to know where you will be? You don't want to start exiting the freeway randomly and you don't want to find something thats out of your way.

You need to find your place along your way, you need to Drift!

2 / 120.5 pts. 1st Place Consumer

Hey, what's that?

Have you ever looked at a landscape and asked, "Hey, what's that over there"? This AR app will answer that question.

When driving up the 395 in California, my friends and I have lots of fun looking at the majestic peaks of the Eastern Sierra, and guess which peak is which. For example, we end up spending lots of time guessing if that one peak is Mt Muir or if it is actually the Keeler Needle. We wanted to develop an app that would settle the debate once and for all.

3 / 113.5 pts. 1st Place Enterprise

Deliver 'Til You Drop

Do you have minions delivering stuff? Are they getting lost? This is the app for you!

This project is used to generate delivery routes for a number of employees. Routes will be downloaded to the delivery person's mobile device daily. The current route to the next destination will be displayed on a map and will be updated to the next route once the item is delivered. Obstructions can be added in realtime, either by back office staff or by delivery staff. These will be things like traffic jams, roadworks or otherwise unpassable routes. As these are updated on each delivery person's device, their route will be updated.

4 / 113.0 pts. 1st Place Civic

R.A.P. - Refugees Assistance Provider

A text based service to make public transportation and shelter accessible to the refugees entering Germany.

Our project implements a GIS to connect refugees with services while providing aid workers information about their location and needs. Using SMS (or native app?), displaced persons can receive information and routing to services provided by local aid organizations. Aid workers can track general locations and movements of people through time as they access the gis.

5 / 108.0 pts. 2nd Place Consumer

Ok! Map

An intelligent, interactive map

Smart Maps that exist today has a certain level of intelligence. We want to take it to the next level.

6 / 99.5 pts. 3rd Place Consumer

Map Your Photos

One picture is better than thousand words. Even better if pictures have location info to provide context to it.

"Map your photos" is a mobile application targeted to iOS platform. The data is pulled from Flickr API and plotted on map to provide geographic context to pictures for data visualization purpose. We also used ArcGIS Online to store map information for later use.

7 / 99.0 pts. 4th Place Consumer


Manage indoor plants, including location, watering and feeding schedules!

In the Portland office we have a number of indoor plants that require different levels of care, which is a project in itself. This app will make it easier!

8 / 94.0 pts. 2nd Place Civic

Disease correlator

Determine possible health impacts of toxins in water

Studies done in New England and Guam that showed a correlation between water toxins and diseases. Would like to help other researchers find similar correlations around the country.

9 / 0 pts. DQ


AGOL/Runtime to the Rescue

Use the awesomeness of ArcGIS Runtime Android SDK, ElasticSearch and ArcGIS Online to create a search based location retrieval of NOAA recorded shiprecks.





Use the developer tools found at


M1 Holistic Test Center

Online (remote teams can submit with repo + video)


Teams will consist of 2-6 members. No more than 2 team members can be from the same internal SDK team.

The event is open to anyone within Esri with manager's approval that meets the prerequisites.

Come prepared with the hardware and software you require in your team's role.


Participants should come with the following:

Not every team member has to be a programmer. Teams can benefit from data preparation, design, project management and organization, testing, and research.


We are asking teams to build apps focused in one of three categories:


Project ideas

Have an idea for a project but can't do it? Post it to our project idea board and see if another team can use it and bring your idea to life. Some teams are looking for good ideas.

Have the desire to hack but don't have a project? Check our ideas board and use the Slack channel or our live events to find team members.


Nitin Bajaj

Clint Brown

Ismael Chivite

Jeff Shaner

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged on the following considerations:


We will be giving out prizes to the best projects.

Runtime Hack engraved trophy for overall winner (bragging rights).

Esri swag for winners and runners up in each category.

Miscellaneous Details

You must have your manager's approval to participate.

There is no travel. If you cannot participate on-site then you can participate remote.

There is no charge code.

How to Enter

In order to enter the hackathon teams must complete the following:

Submission guidelines

What is required for final project submission?

Presentation guidelines

When a team will be presenting in-person or via online videoconference, here is what is expected of the presentation:

Each team presentation will follow with Q&A with the judges that will last no more than 2 minutes.

When a team will be presenting via pre-recorded video, this is what is expected of the presentation:


Use the following for up-to-the-minute information about the event and to communicate with other event participants:

Event Format

The event will be organized as follows:

Tuesday, December 13, 4:30 PM:

Event kick-off announcement.

This is an event kick-off presentation where the hackathon event staff will present the parameters of the event. This presentation will last about 30 minutes and take place in-person at the M1n Holistic Test Center and online via Skype videoconference.

  • Event staff presents the event objectives and format;
  • Solicit project ideas;
  • Present event schedule;
  • Answer questions.

Attendance is optional.

At this time we will open a Slack channel dedicated to the event. Individuals and teams can use the channel to ask questions, solicit team members, and discuss the event. The event staff will present announcements and program updates.

Thursday, 9:00 AM (2 hours max, based on number of teams):

During this time period there will be a short presentation by each SDK team to go over downloading, installing, setting up the first project, documentation highlights, and Q&A.

  • Android
  • iOS and macOS
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Qt
  • JavaScript
  • ArcGIS Online

After SDK presentations we begin team presentations. Each individual or team can present their idea and solicit help, additional members, requests. Also gives unattached participants an opportunity to discover projects they may want to work on. 2 minutes project introduction per team.

Team/leader names and affiliation, a problem statement, the solution, and the skills/help needed.

Teams have the 2 hours to refine their project concepts, solicit members, submit their final project concept.

Teams can ad-hoc present when they are ready (as long as they have not already done so) or not present.

Thursday, 11:00 AM:

Team entry deadline. All projects and teams must be entered by this time to participate in the hackathon and be considered for judging.

Hacking begins.

Thursday 11:01 AM to Friday 1:59 PM:

Throughout hacking event updates are communicated through website, skype/lync, twitter, slack channel.

Friday, 2:00 PM:

Hacking ends. All teams must submit their final project. Website is updated with project representations (screenshot, updated project summary, link to github, etc.) Teams begin their final presentation, 5 minutes per team.

Friday, 4:00 PM

Judges present winning projects and awards.

Friday, 5:00 PM:

Post event happy hour. Benjarong

Official Rules

Official Rules